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Aesop Capital Limited (Aesop) is a boutique Africa-focused private investment and advisory firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.



Aesop Capital was founded based on its core values: value investing and leveraging international partnerships. The company offers specialized advisory services; direct and special situation investments of up to US$1million in the following sectors:

  • Technology – Early to growth stage companies, highly scalable B2b and B2C companies across sectors with a high probability of market leadership/first mover advantage.
  • Fast Moving Consumer Good(FMCG) – companies with marketable FMCG brands and durable competitive advantage that show strong potential for high sustainable growth and pricing power.
  • Real Estate – Brokerage of commercial real estate, developmental assets and real estate related businesses across Africa with an estimated value of US$10million and above.
  • Special Situations – Events or situations that present unique investment opportunities in areas within the company’s circle of competence.

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Address: 61 Marina Street, Marina, Lagos Island, Nigeria.